Door and Window Market (DWM) magazine that " is a formidable force in the fenestration industry. Manufacturers, fabricators, dealers and distributors of doors, windows, moulding and millwork products turn to DWM for information tailored directly to them." recognized US Door & More Inc as a online distribution pioneer on its Dec 2013 issue.

The article mentions that :

US Door and More, a Tampa, Fla.-based online distributor of interior and exterior doors, has introduced a new method of shopping through its online portal, called "More Ways to Shop," which the company says "makes it easier for customers to find the products they want." Customers can simply click on the characteristics and features they want in their doors and only those that satisfy these criteria will be shown, thus simplifying the buying process, says the company.

Customers can narrow their search by brand, model, style, material, dimension, price and more. Once the search generates a longer list of products, there is a "Compare" button that can compare different types of doors to help customers in deciding what they want.

Back in the day, many of my peers would not believe anyone would make an online purchase for doors. We proved them wrong and made this possible. Now, hundreds of corporations adopted this model and millions are taking advantage of this business model. It was a very difficult road to achieve technological advances and convince the public that this will benefit you!


Thanks to our outstanding team that brought this ides to life.