• Art Nouveau style which is characterized by whiplash curves and free flowing lines
  • Art Nouveau ‘launched’ in 1892 in Belgium
  • Quickly spread to France and the rest of Europe
  • Inspiration from the English Arts and Crafts movement (William Morris) and developments in wrought iron technology (Violletle-Duc)


Art Nouveau Door rondom1900.nl

Door to the former C.D. Peacock jewelry store on State Street at Monroe in Downtown Chicago, Illinois.

by Atelier Teee (on hiatus) flickr.com

Art Nouveau door in Riga

by atyz78 flickr.com

John D McGurk Irish Pub, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

by msabeln images.search.yahoo.com

Art Nouveau Butterfly Door, Brooklyn Museum of Art

by Maureclaire flickr.com