Beauty is not just luxury. It is the right nutrition to human brain. It is a bare necessity for a living soul. Every beautiful thing has the power to create joy and happiness around. Beauty of thing empowers the mind to think better and for good. As the beauty of homes is important, so are beautiful entrance. You live behind your doors so give some life to them too. A good looking prehung entry door gives a magical charm to life. Doors to one's home has always a special place in one's memory and the beauty of entrance are captured in numbers of photos.

Prehung Transom Double Door 96 Mahogany St. Charles 3/4 Lite

It is not the design but the vision that imparts beauty to entrance. Market is full of add-ons claiming to build beautiful pathway. Be a visionary while choosing the best configurations and inserts for your entrance. Your prehung entry or prehung interior doors would not look as good as they can without your thoughts.

To your doors you can add sidelites, transoms, glass or wrought iron inserts to decorate it. Sidelites are stationary structure to which doors are hinged. They provide better support to doors and enriched looks for the viewers. With different shapes of transoms you can make your door more adorable. Adding inserts not only makes your doors attractive, it provides strength to it.

3/4 Lite Entry Doors- courtland

May be there infinite ways to decorate your doors, still you can find your own way to beautify it. So, innovate and discuss it with your manufacturer if they can come with the design of your thought. Today many manufactures work with you to come with custom design as per your needs for your prehung interior doors or pre-hung entry doors.