Psychologists tell us that blue symbolizes trust and authority which is why it is frequently used in bank advertising and uniforms. Representing serenity it calms and soothes. Internationally, it is the “most positive and safest color for a global audience,” says Web Designer Depot. In most of western cultures blue is considered a masculine color, however in Belgium and China it is a feminine color. In China and Iran it is the color of immortality, while in Korea and Mexico it is the color of mourning. The Cherokees associated blue with trouble and defeat. For this door at Laurel Hill Cemetery it symbolizes serenity and immortality.

Illustration 1

A Color Palette for Blue Ddors

Illustration 2 depicts a weathered brick cottage with a baby blue door and window. near the door are potted pink and white hydrangea, and a white birdhouse, watering can and bench.
  • Illustration 2

    Illustration 2

Blue Door Systems

Illustration 3 depicts a 6 pane royal blue door surrounded by white 3 lite and 2 pane sidelties and an elliptical transom under a portico with white columns. Illustration 4 is a photograph of another navy door with one with 5 panes and two white sidelites. The planters are painted to match the door and filled with bright green ferns while the grapevine wreath on the door picks up the same green. The grooved mint blue door in Illustration 5 is framed by 7 lite sidelites and a 6 lite rectangular transom. The door hardware is wrought iron with matching sconces for lighting and the house number is inscribed in black.
  • Illustration 3

    Illustration 3

  • Illustration 4

    Illustration 4

  • Illustration 5

    Illustration 5

Blue Interior Doors

In Illustration 6, the interior door and its clavos are painted a bold navy blue, along with the pillow and painting providing color to the otherwise neutral space.
  • Illustration 6

    Illustration 6

More Blue Doors

The photograph in Illustration 7 the mint blue door is set in a pale grey painted brick house with white trim, columns and steps. The door knob, door knocker and mail slot are a shiny silver that accent the blue beautifully. In Illustration 8, the blue door is set in a red brick house with black shutters. On the porch is an antique wagon filled with flowers and a chalk board offers a welcome to visitors. Illustration 9 depicts the historic Clifton House in Norfolk which has a boldly painted blue door to accent the cream portico with spiral columns and wrought iron rail.
  • Illustration 7

    Illustration 7

  • Illustration 8

    Illustration 8

  • Illustration 9

    Illustration 9

Blue Doors Around the World

In Illustration 10, this blue door is recessed in a purple scalloped arch photographed in India. Illustration 11 depicts double doors from Croatia painted a bold blue, while the transom, windows and rail by the street are similarly painted. In Illustration 12, these doors from England are painted a bright blue and sport intricately grilled lites. The lintel is an ornately carved crest which announces the house number.
  • Illustration 10

    Illustration 10

  • Illustration 11

    Illustration 11

  • Illustration 12

    Illustration 12

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