While looking on the web I saw this hilarious cat door stop. I thought it was really clever idea and I started to wonder about who invented the door stop. Although humans have been using door stops since the creation of the door, it wasn’t until Dec 10, 1878 that anyone received a patent for it. Whom you may ask received that patent? It was a man by the name of O.Dorsey. This African American inventor not only developed the doorstop but he also invented the doorknob.

Doorstops have come a long way since the 1870’s and they range from wall bumpers to manufactured wedges. The goal of the door stop is to keep a door open or to stop the doorknob from making a ridiculously deep hole in your wall. Regardless of why you want to buy a doorstop, check out our list of cute and funny doorstoppers below. If you want to see a lot more of our collections and ideas, follow US Door & More on Pinterest.

What do you think of this ruby red slippers door stopper? 

Get nautical with these cute seafaring door stoppers.

nautical door stopper

You've cat to be kitten me right meow!

cat door stopper

If you have a burlap sack or rocks you want to get rid of, think again and make a stopper!

 rock and burlap sack stopper