Having an aesthetic entry way is something I definitely appreciate, and is very important to most people. I wish were able to change my bland dark gray/green door, but sadly renting prevents this for me, I have been using wreaths and decor on my front door to change this as much as possible. Though I haven't been doing this as much lately.  I love the colorful doors, and love the way you can express your individual personality with a simple color, or design change. It's amazing how one change like that can dramatically change the entire atmosphere of your entry way, and change the way people enter your home. Even if the change is not to your exterior door it can change the way you enter a room and change what you expect to see on the other side.  For example if you walk past two doors in a hallway one is pink and has little ballerinas on it, and the other is green and red with dinosaurs, what do you expect behind them?? Would you be shocked if behind the pink door was a room with a race car bed, there were green walls, and an array of dinosaurs, trucks, and legos? I know I would be a little taken back.