According to recent surveys the colour and style of your front door says a lot about you. When I look out of my window I see an array of white doors, which apparently means purity, strength and love. OK, well to me they mean they should be somewhere else, it's such a boring colour. Take a look at this one, what does it say to you?

front door

Who might live there, a geologist perhaps or somebody who likes tree roots? Somebody with style certainly. Here's another one

club doors

Picture taken from Pinterest.

Knock knock. What? Joe sent me. Maybe this is the entry to a gambling club or a mafia boss's house. Anyway, why not be a bit adventurous even it's just some new colors or paneling. It can really smarten up the front of your house. These days you can get fiberglass entry doors to simulate a wide range of styles, or if energy efficiency is your thing try a personalized therma tru entry doors.