Orange Door Systems

Illustration 1 depicts a red orange door that according to Maria Killam is called Earthenware. She tells us that this one of the 10 Best Front Door Colors because it is friendly color. Notice the twin sidelites and elliptical transom. Illustration 2 is a photograph of a door in Dublin painted orange and set in a dark brick wall with a simple dome transom.
  • Illustration 1

    Illustration 1

  • Illustration 2

    Illustration 2

Orange interior Doors

We talk about the outside color of a front door adding curb appeal. But what about the inside of that door? The color doesn't have to stop on the outside. Illustration 3 shows what a little color can do for an apartment door. Compared to white door on the right, the orange door and trim on the left is warm and inviting. lllustration 4 shows a child’s play area with an orange closet door and frame to brighten the neutral surroundings and highlight the colorful accent colors found in the toys and décor.
  • Illustration 3

    Illustration 3

  • Illustration 4

    Illustration 4

More Orange Doors

Illustration 5 depicts house number 2 which has pale blue siding and a bright orange door featuring 4 panels and two lites. The brickmold is a creamy white and the hardware is a wrought iron black to match the light fixture, mailbox and banister. Illustration 6 shows a contemporary orange door set in a historic building photographed in Austria.
  • Illustration 5

    Illustration 5

  • Illustration 6

    Illustration 6

Illustration 7 depicts an orange door trimmed in red orange that was photographed in Norway. Notice the rectangular transom.

Illustration 7

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