You may paint your front door red because it is your favorite color. Perhaps it coordinates with the color of the shutters or matches flowers planted near the door. Sometimes you want a contrast to the surrounding structure. But why red?


The color of your front door can tell a great deal about you. According to e-How Color Theory and Psychology, physiologically and psychologically the color red stimulates the body and energizes the mind.


In western culture, it is associated with action and danger, as well as warmth, love, and passion.

The Psychology of Red

Illustration 1 depicts a door photographed in China where red is the color of good luck, prosperity, and long life. The red door with gold decoration in Illustration 2 stimulates the appetite for this French restaurant.
  • Illustration 1

    Illustration 1

  • Illustration 2

    Illustration 2


A Color Palette for Red Doors

Illustration 3 shows a 4 pane single lite red door is set in a wall of white and complimented by the accompanying folk art or country décor on the front porch. In Illustration 4, this red half lite grooved panel door is surrounded by a red brick building, topped with a red awning.
  • Illustration 3

    Illustration 3

  • Illustration 4

    Illustration 4


Illustration 5 pictures a 9 panel door featuring a bold "No. 103" and a decorative grapevine wreath.

Illustration 5

Red Doors Around the World

Illustration 6 depicts a red door in Malta accented with wrought iron and an elliptical transom. Illustration 7 , this door was photographed in Portugal with the scalloped arch lintel and decorated posts. Illustration 8 is a photograph of a door in Puerto Rico topped by a colorful fan shaped transom.
  • Illustration 6

    Illustration 6

  • Illustration 7

    Illustration 7

  • Illustration 8

    Illustration 8


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