When you think DOOR the first thing that comes to mind is a typical inswing or outswing door. That is because they are the most frequently used doors.

Found on Between Weekdays by Katie


However you might also picture by pass doors like sliding glass patio doors or any wood slab can be made into bypass doors that slide on tracks past one another.



Or pocket doors which slide on a track into the wall and out of sight. They provide a division in and between rooms without a traditional door taking up space.


Or bi-fold doors used as closet doors.


But you may not have pictured folding patio doors which fold accordion style to let in the outdoors. They are usually made of glass providing a view of the outside even when they are closed to the elements.


Another unconventional door is called a barn door which hangs from and slides in a track over the door opening running parallel to the walls. These are gaining in popularity.


While the dutch door has been around a long time it is still unconventional. That is where the door is divided so that the top portion swings separately from the bottom. Most popular in a rural setting, they are showing up in more urban areas these days.


For a modern take on the unconventional door, look at the pivoting door. Which rather than hinges or tracks pivots in the center. It excellent for a wide or heavy door.


Check out this door of the future.

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