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Grilles between the glass GBG

doorNmore has a very large collection of grille between glass (GBG) doors. These doors offer a unique appearance of ironwork that is installed between two tempered pieces of glass. This line of door is very unique and precisely made for each of our doors. We offer numerous collections that each have their own unique characteristic of ironwork to fit any style of house. These doors offer a secure look but also provide a modern look. Most of this iron work is offered in an antique black but some collections offer different tints of metal. Along with these decorative grille between glass doors, the glass texture is fully customizable to the home owners preference. We offer clear to rain glasses for these beautiful doors. These doors are extremely elegant in their appearance and offer an easier cleaning process to the typical wrought iron doors where the iron is exposed. These doors allow the owner to simply wipe down the exterior glass since the iron is not exposed.

Patented Decorative GBG Panels

Patented Decorative GBG Panels

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The wrought-iron inspired collection of decorative “grillebetween- the-glass” or GBG doors are unique in their appearance, and feature simulated hand-tooling marks and unique designs. GlassCraft has multiple US Patents approved for this product! There are four GBG grille designs to choose from: Cantania, Novara, Palermo, and Florence. Each decorative grille is finished in antique black, mounted between two pieces of tempered safety glass. There are four glass texture options available with varying obscurity levels – all of which allow daylight to enter. All designs are registered copyright designs created by GlassCraft Door Company.


The mahogany DoorCraft® Series provides a broad and economical selection of doors including the GBG doors shown in this catalog section, all with a wide array of finish options. Mahogany is a red-brown hardwood that will vary from rich golden to deep red-brown colors and has a beautiful finish when stained and sealed. These doors are offered in 1-3/4” thickness, 2 heights, and 1 width.

DoorCraft GBG Doors - Glass Options

Clear Glass


Privacy1 Glass Privacy Rating - 1

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Granite Glass


Privacy8 Glass Privacy Rating - 8

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Ocean Glass


Privacy8 Glass Privacy Rating - 8

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Rain Glass


Privacy9 Glass Privacy Rating - 9

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Choose from four different glass texture options to complement your GBG and mahogany DoorCraft entry door. All the glass textures shown above are produced using a double IG (insulated glass) unit to provide safety, security, and energy efficiency. The capacity to see through the glass panel varies depending upon the glass texture chosen. Granite, Ocean and Rain glass textures offer more obscure levels of visibility.