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AAW Product Warranty

A.A.W.Doors Limited Warranty

AAW Doors warranties its products against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of shipment to the retailer. It is the dealer's responsibility to furnish and explain AAW's warranty to the customer, and it is the responsibility of the customer, contractor, installer, & finisher to follow these requirements to validate your warranty.


Before cutting, hanging, finishing, or installing AA W Doors:

  • Check doors for warping, defective glass, specifications, and manufacturing defects.
  • Check our pre-hang warranty attached to each Pre-Hung Unit prior to installation.
  • Check product for shipping damage or damage that may occur during storage.
  • Check your local and federal building codes, regulations, and requirements.

Please note: If you find any defects, or any other issues, do not cut, finish or install AAW product. To validate your warranty, the following conditions and guidelines must be met:


Finishing & Installing AAW Doors:

  • Immediately after install, doors must be fully sealed on all six sides (including front and back, bottom and upper rails, behind hinges and under door shoe).
  • Exterior and Interior doors must have sufficient finish coats  of polyurethane for production. For exterior doors, three coats of exterior grade top coat with a UV inhibitor must be applied.· For interior doors, two coats is sufficient.
  • Doors will not be warranted if finished with a water based top-coat, lacquer, paint, any type of oil for 'YOod treatment, or white wash finish.
  • Prior to finishing, remove all handling & glue marks. with 150 grit sandpaper (or finer) and remove all sanding dust. For best performance, doors must be finished lying flat.

Protecting AA W Doors:

  • All doors must have adequate protection against direct sunlight, rain, wind, abnormal heat and sudden change in temperature. Overhang must be located . directly· above the door. For doors facing North, East, or West, the minimum standard requirement for a 6'8" door is 4'0" of overhang (project~d out to the front arid to each side of the door), for an 8'0" door it is 6'0" of overhang (projected out to the front and each side of the door).
  • AAW will not warranty any doors With  Southern or  Southwestern  exposure, regardless of any overhang or any other protection.
  • AAW will not warranty· doors installed during ongoing construction. A special construction door should be used during construction.
  • AAW will not warranty Entry doors from shrinking, cracking, splitting, or Warping caused by the installation of any storm door, which causes excessive heat build up.

Natural characteristics of wood products which are not a manufacturing defect:

  • Movement and/or shrinking of floating panels due to change in weather conditions  may expose unfinished edges · of the panels which is normal.
  • Natural wood variations and characteristics, such as: knots, worm holes, texture, grain direction, and color variations.
  • Expansion and contraction of the door due to environmental conditions , including changes in moisture, temperature and humidity.
  • Bamboo Doors are not intended for exterior applications and, when used as interior doors, may develop thin cracks over time due to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • The discoloration or rusting of decorative metal accents (i.e. grills, clavos, etc.)
  • The color fading of stained doors caused by exposure to light & weather conditions ...
  • Cracks that are less than 1/16" wide and less than 2" long.
  • Knotty Alder surface checks that are less than 1/8" wide and/or 5" long.
  • Separation between stiles and rails up to 1/8".

Shipping and Handling:

  • Exterior doors shall be stored on edge (of the stile) leaning at a slight angle against a wall. Interior doors must be stored flat, in a clean, dry area at least 4" above the ground. Doors will not be warranted if stored on the construction site, or in a storage container ...
  • Freight Damage is not covered under the AA W Limited Warranty. Any freight claims must be filed and negotiated directly with the Carrier.
  • Problems caused by misuse or abuse of AAW door (broken glass, poor finish, bad installation and so on). will not be warranted.

AAW Warranty:

When all warranty requirements and conditions are met, AAW will replace a door for Warping exceeding 1/4" on doors up to 6'8" tall. Doors taller than 6'8" are not warranted against warpage once installed.


In case of a defective door, it is at AAW's discretion to:

  • A. Repair the door, B. Replace the door · (FOB AAW, Los Angeles, CA), or C. Refund the wholesale cost of the door (after defective door is returned to AA W).
  • If AAW chooses to replace a defective product, AA W will not assume responsibility. or cost for re-finishing, re-hanging, installation and shipping of replacement product.
  • Any disagreement regarding AAW's final decision on a warranty claim will be settled by a binding arbitration in Los Angeles, CA