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Plastpro Warranty

Backed by Warranty

We are proud to offer some of the best warranties in the industry. Plastpro Trimmable, Rustic, Mahogany, Woodgrain, Fir Grain doors, and PF Frames carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty; Smooth Skin and True White Oak doors, Onelite Flush Glazed doors carry a 25-Year Limited Warranty. Plastpro Doorlites carry a 10-Year Limited Warranty. A Pre-finished doors carry a 5-Year Warranty on Factory Stained Finish.

Warranty Holder Classifications:

Residential Warranty Holders: If the Product is installed in (i) a new residential dwelling and the first occupant owns the dwelling or (ii) an existing owner-occupied residential dwelling, and in each case, at the time of installation such owner is also responsible for Product replacement, then that owner is a Residential Warranty Holder. For example, assume the Product is installed in a condominium unit (a “dwelling”) in a multi-resident building. If the first occupant of the condominium unit is the first owner of that unit and is also responsible for Product replacement, then that owner is a Residential Warranty Holder; however, if the owner is not the first occupant or if someone else other than the owner (for example, the condominium association) is responsible for Product replacement, then the owner is not a Residential Warranty Holder.

Commercial/Multi-Resident Warranty Holders: If the Product is installed under conditions in which no one qualifies as a Residential Warranty Holder as described above, then the Warranty Holder is the owner of the dwelling or building in which the Product has been installed at the time of installation (and its builder and contractor). That owner is classified as a Commercial/Multi-Resident Warranty Holder. For example, this includes owners of commercial or investment buildings, or multi-resident premises in which the occupant is not responsible for Product replacement whether or not the occupant owns the residential dwelling unit in the premises (including by example, certain condominiums, town homes, duplexes, apartments, cooperatives).

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