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What do you need?

  • At least three people to help unloading the truck.
  • Some basic hand tools like knife, hammer, cutting plier, etc to open the crate for inspection without tearing the package up.
  • A camera or smartphone with camera to take pictures.

Unloading the Truck

In the events that the size of the shipment is larger than the truck’s lift gate and the crate is heavier than being held by your helpers, you may choose one of the following options:

  • Open the crate in the truck and unload the doors individually. (driver’s permission is required)
  • Change the receiving address to a close commercial address with receiving deck.
  • Inspect and receive the shipment from the local terminal. You are still entitled to inspect the shipment before pick up.This may void the carrier’s liability for concealed damage.
  • Hiring a specialty carrier to move the shipment from the terminal to your desire location or receive the shipment with a forklift . US Door & More Inc is not responsible for any additional fees other than the standard shipping fee. You are still entitled to inspect the shipment.This may void the original carrier’s liability for concealed damage.

During unloading of the doors from the truck, US Door & More Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to the product, personal injury to someone or any other issue that may arise due to moving the product from the curbside to the inside space.


Claims are inevitable in the transportation industry. If something you received was delivered damaged, short, or is lost, file a claim. Taking the proper steps upon receipt of your damage or shortage will help secure a favorable outcome.

As the receiver: REPORT AND RETAIN.
****Take pictures of the shipment before doing anything else****
Pictures of the shipment upon delivery would be a proof of crate standards & box condition before opening the shipment.

Do not sign POD until you inspect the freight

The driver has to let you open the box to fully inspect the shipment. You are not obligated to accept the shipment without inspection. You will need a tool box to open the box without tearing up the packaging.

Please note, In the case of Damage or Return, you may use the same packaging and you need PP Packaging belt or Ratchet strap to tie down the package.

Visible Damage‐ damage is visible upon delivery

  • Inspect upon arrival; count and inspect before signing the delivery receipt.
  • Check the top and bottom, not just the sides.
  • Open any package showing probability of damage.
  • Take pictures with date stamp, while driver is present if possible.
  • If damage is visible, not matter how minor it may seem, note it on the delivery receipt and note specifically just how much and what is damaged.
  • Have driver sign the POD acknowledging the damage.
  • If all freight is damaged, refuse freight.
  • Freight and packaging both must be available for inspection and/or pickup by carrier. Retain both the merchandise and packaging until the claim is fully settled.

Concealed Damage‐ damage not visible upon delivery

  • You should open the boxes the first day right after the driver left.
  • Immediately contact your US Door & More Inc. rep informing them of concealed damage (carrier must be notified 15 days or claim is void).
  • Take pictures with date stamp.
  • Do not move the shipment.
  • Keep original packaging intact.
  • Freight must be available for inspection by carrier.
  • Perform your own detailed inspection.
  • Immediately begin the claim process.
  • US Door & More Inc , is not liable for filing the claim for concealed damage. You need to file the claim directly through the carrier.


  • Inspect upon arrival; count and inspect before signing the delivery receipt. Be sure to note specifically how much and what is short and if there are any packaging issues (such as shrink‐wrap not intact, etc.).

In the event truck driver refuses to wait or allow for a thorough inspection:

  • Call us and ask to call the Freight company to authorise the inspection . We might be able to get their authorization.
  • If the Shipping company did not authorize the inspection , we suggest one of the followings
    • Take pictures of the shipments. All sides
    • Note all the minor or major damages on the box precisely and sign.
    • Refuse the box with the major damage.(save pictures)
    • Open and inspect all packages after driver leaves, report any and all damages immediately to Customer Service. We will ask for a copy of the bill of lading signed as instructed above. Once received, we will begin to process your replacement order once you file the concealed damage to the carrier.
    • Read the concealed damage guide above.