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RSL Impact Rated Doors

Hurricane Impact Doorglass is certified for use in a range of entry system configurations to meet the most stringent Florida Building Code and Texas high velocity hurricane zone requirements. These entry systems also comply with the ICC standard for residential construction in high velocity regions. Wherever coastal building codes require superior structural and impact performance, RSL’s Hurricane Impact doorglass provide the most attractive solution available today. Whereas other manufacturers rely on aluminum frames to meet the high velocity standards, RSL’s Impact frame is an extremely attractive and convenient vinyl frame. A snap on cap covers all screw hole plugs for a seamless appearance. The frame itself is smooth so that it matches all smooth steel and fiberglass doors, and is easy to paint or stain. Due to its superior design, RSL’s Impact doorglass is covered by the industry’s only 20 year warranty. RSL’s Hurricane Impact doorglass is available in 22x80 and 22x64 BC, EL, TE, WI, SE, BG, and TU deigns. All rectangular decorative glass shown in our full line catalog are available by special order. In addition, 22x80 & 22x64 & 22x36 Blinds between Glass, Grills between Glass, and Clear or LowE doorglass also offer Hurricane Impact options. Meets & exceeds the following building codes: IBC & IRC ASTM E1886, E1996 & E330 Florida Building code for high velocity hurricane zones (TAS 201, 202 & 203) Florida Approval #FL11515 (www.floridabuilding.org) Attractive vinyl frame with convenient cap to cover all screws (No plugs!) Eliminates the need for hurricane shutters Covered by a twenty-year limited warranty Specifically engineered to meet Florida, Texas and other coastal area requirements for structural and impact performance 9000 Pressure cycles pass water and air infiltration tests. Easy to paint or stain! RSL Hurricane Impact Installation Instructions Remove the insert from its box and inspect for any shipping damage Remove rubber spacers from glass Place outside frame (with glass sealed to it) on a flat, solid surface that is clean and free of any abrasives that could scratch the frame Neatly apply 3/16” bead of Dow Corning 995 Structural Sealant (supplied by RSL) in the groove around the perimeter of the outside frame Carefully align the door cut-out over the frame & lower door into silicone Place inside frame into door cut-out, align male/female pieces, and carefully apply pressure by hand to snap frame halves together Install zinc coated screws (supplied by RSL) into predrilled holes loosely. Then tighten with no more pressure than 18-20 inch/lbs. Over tightening can damage window. Snap screw covers on inside frame, starting with the short pieces. Then install longer pieces by bowing in the middle in order to snap together