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How to choose right Pre-hung

Premium Fiberglass Door Construction


Pre-hung Options

GlassCraft doors in this catalog can be ordered as a pre-hung door unit. Pictures and part numbers for pre-hung doors are listed under
each door selection.
Pre-hung units include brick mold, T-astragal (for double doors), sill cover, door sweep, weatherstripping, and adjustable threshold, plus
3 ball-bearing hinges on 6'-8" high doors and 4 ball-bearing hinges on 8'-0" high doors. Standard door units with sidelites include fatboy
mull post construction and back-to-back jambs on Impact units; both use a continuous sill consruction.
Pre-hung units may be ordered unfinished or factory finished. See pages 7 to 11 for photos of available GlassCraft factory finish options.
Pre-hung units are all produced using a continuous sill for added strength, beauty, and weather and rot resistance.
Standard pre-hung door units can be ordered with any of our standard double bore or multipoint locksets and handle set options.
Impact units come with multipoint locksets only. Multipoint locksets are installed into the active door panel for shipping. Handle sets,
deadbolts and latches are shipped uninstalled and packaged in a separate box to protect the hardware finish. Impact door units can
only be shipped fully asembled and will include all hardware factory-installed. Standard pre-hung doors may also be ordered for standard
double bore locksets. Impact units come with multipoint locksets only.
Impact units come fully assembled and with a coastal hardware package including installation screws, Sapphire satin nickel handle set
and stainless steel multipoint lock set and hinges. Protective coastal film applied to handle sets and iron grilles (Hardware and Wrought
Iron Grilles finish NOT covered by warranty). Package price does not include a dummy handle set on double doors, see page 13 for
complete hardware options.
Pre-hung Standard and Impact entryway include 4 1/2" or 6 1/2" full composite jamb options and include composite exterior brick mold.
GlassCraft composite jamb system can be stained or painted.

Composite Jamb Options

door units. Door jambs, brick mold, T-astragal and Mull caps are made
from composites that can be stained or painted.
See pages 7 & 11 for full details on available factory finish options for jamb

Composite Transoms Options

Transoms are availble with Decorative Glass, GBG, SDL and Clear & Privacy glass options. Fiberglass transoms are available
in direct-set configurations only. Each transom is available in varying widths, depending upon the door or door and sidelite
configuration below the transom. Transoms are made with GlassCraft composite jamb system and can be stained or painted.

Sill Color Options


and provide many benefits over wood thresholds.
Our composite sill helps prevent problems like water
penetration, rot, warping, and discoloration. Choose from
our Bronze Aluminum or Mill Aluminum sills.

Hinge Color Options

Choose from these three hinge color options for your
pre-hung entry door unit:

Premium Fiberglass Door Construction
Composite Jamb Options
Sill Color Options
Hinge Color Options