Wood Doors vs. Fiberglass Doors

What is the Difference Between Wood Doors vs. Fiberglass Doors?

You may be finding it difficult to decide which door material is best or if there is really a difference between the two. Fiberglass doors have become quite popular in the recent years, but may not be the right match for everyone. Here we will discuss the benefits, or any drawbacks, for wood and fiberglass doors, so you can determine what fits your needs best. There are four main areas in which we will discuss the differences; Limitations, Advantages, Cost and installation.


Most of the wood doors limitations are linked with energy efficiency, durability, and also maintenance. Wood doors, especially exterior doors, are exposed to heat, light, humidity, and many other elements. This can allow the door to bubble, or peel, it can also warp, bow or start to twist. The door will fade over time, and will require regular maintenance.

The limitations of fiberglass doors can really be summed up with one word: aesthetic. There are some who prefer real wood over a simulated wood look, which is what fiberglass doors offer. Fiberglass wood grain which synthetic, can be stained with customer colors to match wood trim, and can be made to look very similar to a real wood. When it comes down to it there are buyers who simply feel it does not have the feel or look of genuine wood.


There are many advantages to a fiberglass doors, now not only for entry doors but many types of interior and exterior door including french doors and patio doors. Fiberglass can last easily for decades as they will not rot, rust, warp, bow, or even deteriorate. They are resistant to dents, scratches, and require low maintenance. As stated previously they can be stained, then given a wood grain texture, or even a smooth texture and can be painted easily. Fiberglass can also be left unfinished and doesn't risk being damaged. Last they are very energy efficient, if installed properly, and have up to five times the amount of insulation value compared to wood doors.

Wood door can have a very high end look, and beautiful wood grain and color as well. They can also bring a warm touch or feel to your home or entry way, and can be carved beautifully. If scratched they usually can be easily repaired as well. Another thing to remember is that wood is a renewable resource, as trees and forests are able to be planted and regrow.


As fiberglass doors are a somewhat new product they can be more expensive (there are economy fiberglass doors that are less expensive) than wood doors. Keep in mind though you may not have to replace a fiberglass door for many years, even decades, as they are very durable, where as a wood door many need to be replaced a few times with in the same time period. Remember that it also can depend upon the quality of the door or grade of the door as well. Another cost that may come along with buying a new door is installation. You may need to hire a contractor to install the door but this can be done by DIY Homeowners all around. If you do purchase a pre-hung door (wood or fiberglass) they will be pre-cut for hinges and bored for your hardware.Wood doors that need to be changed are a little easier to work with as they can be sanded down or cut easily. Fiberglass door slabs may be more difficult if you need to add deadbolts or hardware but it can be done.