If you love our doors and would love to share your excitement about our brand with your fan, We are interested in collaborating with you.  


Find the door you are interested in.
Configure the product and submit a quote.
Give us a few days to review your request and get back to you.

What do We expect From You?

Encourage your audience to follow our social media account.
Create at least ten high-quality before and after images.
Create a post with a timelapse video of the product installation and tag our social media pages. 
Write a blog post with at least two direct links to the home page and category page of our website. 
Publish at least 3 dedicated posts on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest. 
Create at least 10 stories to cover :
How you found your product on our website.
How the ordering process is.
Unpack the product. 
Tag our social media pages on your stories. 
Endorse our brand


Deliverables must be executed per the following schedule:

  • Before Building the door (week 1-2): %30 of the posts and Stories to be a dedication to this phase. 
  • During the manufacturing (After week 2): %30 of the posts and Stories to be a dedication to this phase.
  • After product RECEIVED: %40 of the posts and Stories to be a dedication to this phase. 

Right to the content ownership: US Door & More Inc owns all the contents produced and posted by the influencer and shall use these pictures, videos, and other contents on any and all marketing resources including our website.


  • All photos must be professionally taken.
  • US Door & More account must be tagged/credited on all the photos and videos that the product appears on for a period of 2 years. This is not qualified for further store credit.
  • Shipping expenses are not included in the store credit.
  • The influencer is responsible to file a claim for shipping damages.
  • I agree to share the engagement insights with the US Door & More.
    All the stories must be saved on a dedicated highlighted story for 1 year.
    US Door & More only provides the product.
  • Installation is not part of our service.