Interior Doors

Looking for interior doors, but need help making the right choice? Interior doors are an investment since they set the tone of every room in your house. You know what they say: behind every door, there’s a story — and we want your story to be charming and delightful!




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What are the types of interior doors?

As we mentioned earlier, the interior door sets the mood of an ambiance.

And the type of door plays a huge part: a door that swings open feels different from one that slides.

So, it’s important to think about what type of interior door you want in your house — the right choice will make your home look way better!


List of interior door types:

  • Swinging doors: single or double interior doors that swing on a hinge
  • Bypass doors: fitted onto a slider and a door slides behind the other (a bypass) to create an opening. Some bypass doors include more than 2 doors on a single slider
  • Pocket doors: slide right into the wall, which becomes a “pocket” and hides the door from view
  • Barn doors: despite the name, these doors are a hot trend. Barn doors are fitted with a slider at the top to open and close without taking up space
  • Bifold doors: as the name suggests, these doors fold to open or close. They come in 2-panel or 4-panel doors
  • Prehung doors: these doors already come with a frame. The benefit is that you don’t need to worry about the jamb, hinges and screws


What are the styles of interior doors?

Most people don’t think too much about the impact of style on a door, but it can make or break an interior design.

The door style can make a house modern, snazzy or traditional. The idea is to pick the style that fits in best with the rest of your home.

After all, a traditional New England home wouldn’t look nice with a contemporary jet-black door.

So, choose carefully the style you need below:

 What are the sizes of interior doors?

Most interior door sizes follow a standard, but there’s enough variety to fit many openings:

Standard height: 80, 84 or 94 inches

Standard width: 18, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32 or 36 inches

If you need an interior door size that’s not standard, we’ve got you covered.

At US Door & More, we make door sizes unavailable in major retailers.

View our custom-size interior doors

Where to shop for interior doors?

If you’re looking for interior doors to place in your home, check out our full catalog.

US Door & More has won tens of Houzz awards for customer service and door design. Our doors are from major brands or custom-made in our Tampa, FL facility.

And if you have any questions, just chat with us 24/7 or call from Monday to Saturday.

Every door is shipped to your home insurance-covered, so you’re guaranteed to receive it just the way you like, ready to install in your home.

  • 6 different Pre hung interior door collections to select from.
  • Over 55 types of prehung interior doors
  • We provide clients with a wide range of sizes to select from. Our standard sizes include over 40 different varieties.
  • A number of single and double door configurations that include some of the most commonly used and most popular configurations in prehung interior doors.
  • An extensive range of wooden species like Red Oak, Knotty Alder, Mahogany, Bamboo and Knotty Alder.
  • A wide range of interior pocket doors with the built up frames, headers and the required hardware.
  • Premium grade interior bypass door hardware and track
  • An entire collection of interior bifold doors in many dimensions, sizes as well as material choices.
  • Hardwood, Lauan and Flush Birch available for bi fold doors.
  • A wide range of available materials in closet bifold doors which can be varnished, painted and stained.
  • High quality steel or aluminum hardware included as standard with all bifold doors.
  • Over 40 types of interior wood panel doors
  • Material choice in wood panel doors includes Mahogany, tropical hardwood, bamboo and Knotty Alder.