Door Sizes

At we offer all the door sizes most widely used today. With our range of standard door sizes, you can now find the perfect door for even some of the most unusually sized doorways. We have categorized the door units based on nominal size. You may start your search by filtering the door size. One of the ways in which we make the lives of our customers easier is by offering them a wide variety of standard door sizes they will need for their homes. If you are working on a custom project that has a few special needs, we will also be very glad to offer you customized products made exactly as per your specifications and needs.

What Are Standard Exterior Door Sizes?

The “standard” exterior door size is 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall. This is the standard in most American households with doors ranging in size from only 30 inches wide to 96 inches tall. At US Door & More, we’re all about offering you exactly what you want so that’s why we carry such a wide variety of door sizes. We have doors ranging in size from 18 by 78 inches to 48 by 120 inches. Whether you’re looking for the smallest or largest door in our inventory, you’ll always find something that works for you.

What Sizes Do Doors Come In?

Doors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but we offer one of the most extensive inventories of door sizes. Not only do we have dozens of sizes in stock, we also have custom door sizes that will meet the needs of any home no matter what. 

In addition to custom door sizes we also have a variety of sizes for glass and hardware too. Picking and choosing the many components of your door allows you to design the exact door that will look perfect in the front of your home. You want something that will stand out when people drive by the house. Your door is the gateway to the home, it’s how you enter your safe haven each day and it should welcome you with open arms. 

If you can’t find the size you’re looking for in our inventory, feel free to call us at 813-876-6699 or email at One of our expert representatives will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Think you know your exterior door sizes and you’re ready to start shopping? Shop our inventory of doors by clicking here and choosing your preferences. 

How to Order Custom Size Exterior Doors

While most doors come in a standard size, getting a custom size exterior door can really make your house pop while ensuring that everything fits properly. A door is a great way to increase the value of your home and nothing impresses more than having someone walk up your sidewalk to a brand new custom door. 

This is one of the primary reasons why people purchase doors from US Door & More. Many homeowners go to the big box stores (you know the ones we’re talking about) and buy a generic door that you find everywhere. The end result is a less than exciting feeling when the door gets installed and it doesn’t look great and doesn’t fit properly. 

When you order a custom door from US Door & More, we ensure it’s exactly what you want. This is due to our variety of door configurations, applications, sticking profile, glass obscurity, home style, door style, and the list goes on. You have all of these different variables to choose from. Not to mention dozens of different measurements and unit sizes to guarantee that the door not only looks great but fits perfectly into the existing frame. We also have plenty of unique custom size exterior doors so you’re guaranteed to find something you love. 

Standard Door Sizes

A wide range of height options to select from, ranging from 80" to 96".
Door sizes offered in various size options starting from 18" x 80" to 84" x 96"
Unusual size options also included in our collection such as 96" x 120" sized doors
Most of the standard door sizes available as single door or double doors
Door thickness: 1 ¾ and 1 3/8 inch options

Custom Size Doors Available on Special Request:

We are always glad to customize special doors for clients who want something tailored to their needs
Door sizes can be manufactured to create doors with any height and width
Choose from high quality hardwood materials like Mahogany, tropical hardwood and Knotty Alder in fiberglass or wood.
High quality steel or aluminum hardware included as standard with all standard as well as customized options

Nominal Sizes for Doors

A nominal size or trade size for doors is a size "in name only" used for identification. The nominal size may not match any dimension of the door but within the domain of the door size. For example, a 2’/8” wide door can do any of the followings:

This is the actual door size & does not include the frame thickness . For Example, the above 32” wide door can be 33-½” (net frame size) once it is hang on a frame.