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Door Shield- Impact Shutter


If you live near the the coast you may be in an area that requires structural and impact rated doors, it is required in a lot of Florida counties, even if you are not next to the coast. You may want this protection even if it is not required by Florida Building Code. There are some doors that can withstand stand severe weather on their own and are Impact Rated, but sometimes they can be quite a bit more expensive. We also have some doors that are rated to withstand severe weather but are Non Impact Rated, with this type of door you need a shutter in place to protect the glass. DoorShield is a product that is an affordable solution to the fully impact rated doors and to bulky shutters as well. DoorShield is Florida Building Code Approved, completely removable in safe times, but quick and easy to install when there is severe weather is on the way.

DoorShield Easy Installation:

DoorShield only takes minutes to install, and does not require tools or any kind or require drilling, even into the existing structure of your home. DoorShield does not trap you inside of your own home during a storm, and allows for convenient access to your doors while protecting you and your family. DoorShield allows the both in-swing and out-swing doors to remain operable while in use.

There are 6 easy steps to take in protecting your door.

1.Slide the DoorShield on the top frame of your door, and center it over the glass insert of your door.


2. Slide the DoorShield on the bottom frame of your door, and again center it over the glass insert of your door.


3. Slide the included bolts down the track of the DoorShield.


4. Place your impact barrier against DoorShield and put the bolts through the holes.


5. Secure the impact barrier with the included wing nuts.

hurricane barrier

6. Repeat Steps 4 & 5 for any additional panels.

More Panels

Here is a video showing the ease of installation as well.

Aesthetic Appeal

DoorShield no longer requires unsightly bolts on your exterior walls. It simply slides onto the upper, and lower portion of your door. DoorShield works for both in-swing and out-swing doors. A variety of panels can be used from steel, plywood, clear, or translucent. Preserve the beauty of your home with DoorShield.

Building Code Information

The product is Florida Building Code Approved for Impact Rating. DoorShield building code info and detailed instructions can be found on the floridabuilding.org website.( Search for FL # : 5580)

For Ordering Information please contact us at 813-263-8045 or by email at info@doornmore.us Other important information:

Always contact the Florida Building Commission to be sure of the building codes at your home address @ http://www.floridabuilding.org/

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