Mahogany 3/4 Lite, 4 Lite SDL 1 Panel Modern Farmhouse Shaker Double Door|G7504-SH12

Order (G7504-SH12_2) Exterior, French/ Patio, Interior door crafted by US Door & More Inc starting at $3,147.67 online. Tailor the product with available options to meet your requirements and see the adjusted price instantly, or add the product to Request for additional customization. This product comes in Double Door door systems and is constructed from Wood (Mahogany) species. The Modern FarmHouse door is an outstanding complement for your home. Expect an estimated ship lead time of 4 to 6 Weeks | Finish : Add 2 weeks. We offer the lowest shipping rates, but you can also opt to pick up this product from our warehouse at zip code 33634 once the order is ready. Enjoy a 1 year limited warranty from US Door & More Inc.
Availability:4 to 6 Weeks | Finish : Add 2 weeks

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G7504-SH12 Mahogany 1 Panel 3/4 Lite SDL 4 Lite Modern Farmhouse Shaker Exterior Double Door
More Information
BrandUS Door & More Inc
Sticking ProfileSHAKER
Manufacturer CollectionsFarmhouse Door FX
Door SystemSwing, Barn
Stile ConstructionEngineered wood with 3mm mahogany
Door Core TypeSolid Engineered Wood
ApplicationExterior, French/ Patio, Interior
Lead Time (business days)4 to 6 Weeks | Finish : Add 2 weeks
Pick up Location Zip Code33634
Warranty1 year limited warranty
Unit Size62.5 x 80, 62.5 x 82, 62.5 x 86, 62.5 x 98, 62.5 x 110, 62.5 x 121, 66.5 x 80, 66.5 x 82, 66.5 x 86, 66.5 x 98, 66.5 x 110, 66.5 x 121, 70.5 x 80, 70.5 x 82, 70.5 x 86, 70.5 x 98, 70.5 x 110, 70.5 x 121, 74.5 x 80, 74.5 x 82, 74.5 x 86, 74.5 x 98, 74.5 x 110, 74.5 x 121, 86.5 x 80, 86.5 x 82, 86.5 x 86, 86.5 x 98, 86.5 x 110, 86.5 x 121, 98.5 x 80, 98.5 x 82, 98.5 x 86, 98.5 x 98, 98.5 x 110, 98.5 x 121
Thickness (inch)1 3/4
Door Glass TypeDouble Glazed, Laminate Glass
Glass Thickness1/2 inch
Glass TextureClear, Pattern 62, Rain -Highest Obscurity-[8-9], White
Door Glass FeaturesInsulated (IG), Laminated, Tempered/Safety
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Product Questions

Is there a locking mechanism on the door that will not always be in use? I.e. on a right inswing is there a lock that keeps the left door from opening?
Question by: Lindsey Donner on Dec 20, 2022, 10:26 AM
A flushbolt is a type of mechanism that is typically used on the inactive door of a double door to keep the door securely closed when not in use. When the flushbolt is unlocked, the inactive door can be opened all the way.

The active door can be locked with a deadbolt or other type of lock to provide additional security. This allows the inactive door to be opened when necessary, while still providing security for the active door.

Flushbolts are often used in combination with a latch lock on the active door. The latch lock is used to keep the active door closed when not in use, while the flushbolt is used to keep the inactive door closed and secure.

In summary, the flushbolt is a useful mechanism for double doors with inactive doors, as it allows the inactive door to be opened when necessary while still providing security for the active door.
Answer by: kambiz behjati (Admin) on Dec 20, 2022, 11:19 AM
Is there anywhere to find the U rating on this French door?
Question by: Lindsey on Dec 30, 2022, 11:31 PM
It is important to note that this particular French door has not been tested for its U-rating, which is a standardized measure of a door's ability to insulate a building and prevent heat loss. The U-rating is expressed in units of watts per square meter per degree Celsius (W/m2K) and is determined through testing in a laboratory setting.

However, this door (G7504-SH12) does have several features that may contribute to its ability to prevent heat loss. These include its 1 3/4 inch thickness, which is made of solid mahogany wood, as well as its insulated glass and composite thermal break sill. These features may help to reduce heat loss through the door and make it a well-insulated door.

It is important to keep in mind that the U-rating is only one factor to consider when selecting a door for a building, and there may be other factors that are important to you as well. It is always a good idea to carefully consider the specific needs and requirements of your building when selecting a door.
Answer by: kambiz behjati (Admin) on Dec 31, 2022, 1:46 PM

Please read the product description carefully and consider the followings

Door size option refers to the door slab nominal size. For unit size or rough opening refer to the size guide or contact a sales representative.
Prehung doors will ship knocked down to avoid damages and to ease the handling. These doors have been machined and the prep work finished, but none of the individual parts have been applied. A knocked down door can be put together into an assembled door in about 10 minutes.
The image only represent one size and the door components proportion may change on smaller or larger size.
Lockset, accessories and Prefinishing shown on the door photos are not included. They may be available at an additional charge.
Primed doors are not a fully finished products and cosmetic imperfections are to be expected. These doors are to be sanded and repaired prior to painting.
Due to monitor settings, monitor pixel definitions, limitations of desktop scanners, digital photography, and dye lot variations, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen as an exact color of the product. We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. All colors are approximations of actual colors.

If color is important you must order Free or Paid (depends on the product) samples prior to ordering.


Stain samples are produced to be as accurate as possible. However, actual colors on your new wood windows and doors may vary from these samples slightly. Wood is a natural substance used for windows, doors and trims and as such will display its own unique characteristics. Wood has grains that will absorb stains at different amounts, depending on orientation of the grain, types of woods used and the moisture content of the wood. As a result, variation will occur throughout the wood. US Door & More Inc cannot be responsible for the actual degree of variation of stain color that may occur in your windows or doors.

A tempering logo is a small etching that is made in one corner of each piece of glass indicating that it has been tempered and meets government standards for tempered glass. The default for us is to logo the glass. Unless Specified, the logo location will be placed at US Door & More Inc discretion. Undesired logo location will not warrant a remake. In the event the tempering logo is missed, US Door will provide the glass factory documentation that proves the glass is tempered.