It is very useful to have doors for proper ventilation or space saving purposes. When it comes to best ventilation, bi-fold doors are unbeatable. If you want to save space, go for a sliding door!

Ventilation is vital to keep the air free of pollutants, to maintain a desirable temperature. At the same time we need to save a lot of space at times. Hence bi-fold doors and sliding doors (patio doors, wooden sliding doors, metal sliding doors etc) are being sold like hot cakes these days. The customer has to keep a few things in mind to decide whether it should be a bi-fold door or a sliding door.

The first thing that comes to one’s mind before purchase is the price. It is widely believed that the prices of bi-fold doors are astronomical. The cost also depends on the quality of the material used as well as the cost of implementation. It is advisable to buy a bi-fold door with a higher price range to make a good quality purchase. One of the biggest advantages of the bi-fold doors is that they have the flexibility of being fully opened, partially opened or totally closed. These doors provide 90 percent clear-cut opening when all the door panels are folded open and they can be opened both inwards and outwards. But it has to be kept in mind that they occupy a lot of space. Most bi-fold doors have a traffic door which is nothing but an easy access door that allows for inside and outside access without having to fold the door panels. They can be ideally used for connecting living rooms, gardens or creating partitions in offices and restaurants.

Patio Bifold Door

The sliding patio doors provide us with an amazing panoramic view of the sceneries outside. The panels are made of glass, and they help the rooms to be flooded with light. They are best used in balconies and gardens. The sliding doors offer a combination of security, insulation and aestheticism, all at the same time. If your room is filled with furniture then sliding doors may be the right choice for you as the panels can be slid to the sides without being folded. In that way these doors will help you to save space within your room and outside. Depending on the number of panel and their configuration, the sliding doors can create an opening of around 45-65 percent. They are cheaper than the bi-fold doors. But there is one major safety issue with one type – the patio doors are at times mistakenly thought to be open as it is almost impossible to discern with the naked eyes. This can cause a severe accident, especially to small children who may be too puerile to notice the difference.

Patio Sliding Door

Bi-fold doors and the sliding doors have their own pros and cons. I would advise you to choose the one that suits the style of your home, falls within your budget and most importantly lives up to your expectations and needs. Remember, the final decision to select a door of your choice and convenience lies with you!