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The Colonial style, as it is so aptly named, refers to the first European settlements that colonized the New World. Having left their homes, they built their new ones in foreign lands to reflect the styles of the homes they had left behind in France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany. However, this Colonial style was mostly inspired by the British Isles and it was later named the Colonial Georgian Style. Today, we know this style became a major part of American architecture and each part of the country had its own interpretation thanks to different weather conditions and even the material available. Colonial style architecture favors simple lines and proportions while giving importance to craftsmanship.

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The Modern Farmhouse Style

In this look into the Modern Farmhouse style, we discuss what makes this style unique and distinguishes it from similar styles, and how you can choose a door to compliement your Modern Farmhouse styled home.

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A Guide for Learning About Home Door Styles

Home Door Styles

Home door styles is an issue a lot of people think about, but not necessarily on a daily basis. That’s because we have certain expectations of our exterior doors, but beyond that they’re not really in our daily thoughts. We want them to be secure, we want them to act as a barrier between the indoor and outdoor atmospheres, and we want them to look good. Choosing among available home door styles will make a huge difference in the aesthetics of your home, as the front door is the first thing that people notice when they approach. 

US Door & More is going to lay out a door buying guide for home door styles below. You’ll find 10 home door styles discussed, and for the most part, the comparisons will center on different looks and how they fit with different styles

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A Buyer's Guide to Exterior Doors

A Buyer's Guide to Exterior Doors

So, you’ve decided to buy an exterior door.

Or, are you wondering if you need to replace the exterior front door of your home?

Well, in this article, we’ll answer all these questions.

Learn when the time is right for a replacement door, exterior door prices, and how to buy them online.

You’ll also discover the difference between a slab door and a pre-hung door, along with the resistance of each material (wood, fiberglass, and steel).

So, start reading below and learn everything you need to know about exterior doors!

When Should You Replace Your Exterior Door?

Most of the time, you’ll just walk through your exterior door on the way to work or school without even thinking about it.

Until you start having problems.

If your exterior door gets jammed, is getting infested with termites, or simply is not keeping the cold wind outside, then it’s time for a replacement.

Or, maybe you have a wooden exterior door that’s warped and doesn’t fit its frame correctly.

It’s a problem that’s usually overlooked but will spike up your energy bill.

After all, warped doors don’t insulate your home correctly — and they are easy for burglars to break into.

Another reason, which doesn’t have anything to do with wear and tear, is due to aesthetics. Let’s say you just moved into a new home and the exterior door is hideous.

Or, you just renovated your house and the exterior front door doesn’t fit in with the decor anymore.

All the reasons listed above are valid enough for a brand new replacement door. So, why not start searching online for exterior doors?

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COVID-19 Safety Above All Policy

An unprecedented public health crisis requires extraordinary measures to lower the risk and assure the well-being of our customers and staff. We are carefully following the federal and state guidelines to prevent and manage the spread of the virus. While there is no place for panic, we understand the importance of planning and implementing the federal and state guidelines. We are open for business and below is the latest update about our operation:

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Everything You Need to Know About French Doors

So, you wish to buy a French door for your house? Or are you simply curious to learn more about this elegant door that dates back to the 17th century?


French doors have a rich history and make your house stand out in a way no other door can.


If you want to breathe new life into your patio or porch, a French door is the right choice: the glass panes allow plenty of sunlight to bathe your home and allow easy access to the garden.


A French door makes your lawn a proper part of your home, instead of hidden away behind regular doors. You can contemplate it during cold winter days and in the summer, open them wide to let your kids and pets have fun.


So, keep reading to discover everything there is to know about French doors!


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