A Guide to Divided Lite Glass Types

True Divided Lite (TDL)

  • Features individual glass panes separated by muntins(TDLs).
  • Each pane is an independent piece of glass.
  • Easy to maintain and clean; if a piece of the unit is damaged, you can easily repair it without affecting the rest of the lites.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

  • SDLs (Simulated Divided Lites) resemble divided glass but are attached to the glass surface.
  • These emulate divided glass aesthetics without actual separate segments.
  • SDLs overlay the glass, creating an illusion of division.

Grilles Between Glass (GBGs)

  • Positioned between two panes of tempered glass.
  • Offers a sleek and easy-to-maintain surface.
  • Available in contoured or flat forms and various colors.

Fixed Grilles

  • Integral parts of the glass frame, on both interior and exterior panes.
  • Crafted from polymers and emulate the visual appeal of divided glass.
  • Easily replaceable or removable for practicality.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs)


Grilles Between Grills(GBGs)

  • Combination of SDLs and GBGs closely resembles True Divided Lites (TDLs).
  • The interplay of grilles between the glass and SDLs creates a cohesive appearance.
  • Provides an effective imitation of the classic TDL look.

 Types of Divided Lites