A Practical Handbook on Door Glazing Thickness

Welcome to our practical handbook on selecting the right glass thickness for door glazing! Here are the key considerations to keep in mind:

Single Glazing

  • Available in thicknesses like 1/8 '' and  1/4''
  • The thickness choice depends on insulation needs and the door's size and type.

Laminated glazing

  • Glass composed of two or more layers with an interlayer in between. 
  • Typically includes a 1/8 '' pane with an additional 0.015 interlayer, resulting in a total thickness slightly over 1/4 ''.
  • Enhances security with a durable interlayer holding glass fragments.

Let's delve into the comprehensive thickness, glass spacer, and glass pane with thorough detail.

Overall Thickness : The combined measurement of multiple glass panes and spacers in double or triple glazing units. It affects insulation, soundproofing, and structural integrity.

Glass Pane: A single sheet of glass in windows and doors, offering insulation and light transmission.

Glass Spacer: Maintains distance between glass panes in double-glazed windows, enhancing insulation and reducing condensation.

Insulated Glass (Double Glazing)

  • Thickness options: 1/2" , 9/16", and 5/8".
  • Provides superior insulation with two glass panes and a spacer.