Valentine’s Day was named for a Roman priest named Valentine who performed secret weddings for young couples. He was sentenced to death because marrying young men was outlawed by Claudius II who believed that single men made better soldiers. Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as a day to remember and honor Saint Valentine. Since then the day has become very popular as a day express one’s love for another.

love door

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Valentine Doors

This is the time of year when our thought turn to love--specifically for the important person in our lives. For that reason we started looking for symbols of love as related to doors. This is what we found.

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    Illustration 1

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    Illustration 2

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    Illustration 3

More Valentines

The decorative piece in illustration 4 represents the door to your heart. Illustration 5 is an example of heart shaped door hardware. Illustration 6 is a nod to school teachers who like to celebrate the season by decorating their classroom doors.

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    Illustration 4

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    Illustration 5

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    Illustration 6


Valentine's Decorations

If your door does not sport a heart you can decorate it for Valentine’s Day with one of these wreaths. A link to instructions for making each wreath is included. 

This heart-shaped wreath, found on Bye Bye Soccer Mom, is made using cardboard, coffee filters, red paint, and ribbon. 

This red rose wreath, found on Yarner, is made attaching card stock roses to a foam wreat. It is shown as a round wreath but could you could just as easily use a heart-shaped one. 

This heart-shaped wreath, found on Sweet and Simple Living, made of a variety of scrap book paper and a foam wreath hangs by a ribbon. 

Using ribbon, red burlap and a wreath form this wreath, found on The DIY Playbook, could also be made using a heart-shaped wreath. 

This upcycled heart wreath, found on Happy Simple Living, was made completely of toilet paper rolls. 

Illustration 1 Found on ALFA & ÔMEGA

Illustration 2 Found on Vintage Home

Illustration 3 Found on Pinterest by Monka Baker

Illustration 4 Found on Pinterest by Doors of Faith

Illustration 5 Found on Flickr by The Aspiring Photographer

Illustration 6 Found on The Education Preschooler