Our latest project was located in the Tampa Bayside region, snuggled away in the beautiful homes of Gulf view. Gulf view neighborhood surrounds the Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club where homes were built in the early 1920’s. According to the 2000 census, Gulf view has a population of 1,384, which includes 533 households residing in the community where residents have easy access to the best dining and commercial establishments of downtown Tampa.

These homes are now being renovated for a more modern look. Today home prices in the Gulf view neighborhood range from $500,000 to $4,000,000.  The project we recently finished was on a gorgeous 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath, and 6,904 sqft. single home with the property value at $3,000,000.

before and after

This particular home had an older wooden door style with a large transom. The owners wanted to remove the wooden doors and transom  and replace them with a larger door that had a more modern appearance that would complete the look of their home. The first picture below is a design the home owners were looking at. We worked with the home owner and Natalie Scott from Natalie Scott Designs to develop the basis for crafting the entry door. The homeowners decided that  modern looks with dark finishes were their preference.

A large exterior door such as this custom made door is difficult to make and took 12 weeks to have a finished process. The ending cost of this custom doors was $15,000. The process of making this door took longer because there were many factors that influenced this design. Such as making the door hurricane proof as well as the modern door locks and balancing form and fashion to create a sleek and appealing front entry door.

A hurricane rated door must meet specific requirements from Designed Wind Speeds of 150 mph and other requirements. This specific custom door has met all the requirements and was approved from the 2010 Florida Building Code. This door was also customized with a 5-point locking system which allows for the choice of keeping the inactive door locked while using the active door for entry.  This particular lock has a reversing gear to lock and unlock this door.


  Key Features on Inactive Door

  • 2-point height adjustable, locking system.
  • Shoot bolts, top and bottom
  • Lever controlled engaging and releasing of shoot bolts
  • Locking by US-Cylinder system with a 90 degree turn of key or thumb-turn
  • Non-handed latch, latch easily reversible
  • Heavy duty mortise construction with reinforced lever return spring system

 The Rhino-Shoot 5-Point Locking System Active Door

  • 5-Point, height adjustable, locking system
  • Top and bottom shoot bolts, two steel “horns”, deadbolt and latch
  • Lever controlled engaging and releasing of all locking points
  • Locking by US-Cylinder system with a 90 degree turn of key or thumb-turn
  • Non-handed, latch easily reversible
  • Heavy duty mortise construction with reinforced lever return spring system
  • Available in 400 series stainless steel faceplate for increased corrosion resistance and appearance.
  • Same hardware groove detail throughout entire door bolt program



Look 1

We changed the design in look 1 (shown above) to a more linear look and  horizontal lines for a more contemporary look seen  in look 2.


Look 2

The design foor look 2 has the longer door handles. The decision was made to shorten these door handle and keeping this look average which brings more attention to the large beautiful door and away form the door handles. You can see this  change in look 3 and you can also see that the design was changed to make the doors resistant to natures bad weather and impact rated.

Look 3

The new custom door that was added in place of the old exterior door and transom is a wooden double door. This door is hurricane proof, with a Brazilian Mahogany finish and an inswing threshold made by Exclusive Wood Doors, Inc. The darker finish was chosen because, the color of your entry door should match the overall aesthetic of your home. In this case, this Mahogany finish matches with the front walkway of the home. This dark brown almost black look expresses sophistication, strength, power and it conveys stability, reliability, warmth and simple elegance. Finally the shorter door handles are simple and attractive.

Look 4

Look 4 is the final look of the door. The size of this stunning custom door is 74 3/8 wide x 129 tall and 2 ¼” thick with 5 lites on each door which have a frosted style and are impact-resistance. A tall door such as this one, brings an external beauty to the outside of the home. It makes a grand statement and its distinctive personality welcomes visitors to your home. The average size for an exterior door is 80 inches (6 feet, 8 inches) by 36 inches (3 feet) and the average human height is 5’8”. Stock exterior doors are also commonly available in 30 and 32-inch widths. The standard door thickness is 1 and ¾ inch. Various door manufacturers carry stock doors in 7-foot and 8-foot heights and door widths from 24 inches to 42 inches.

Contemporary Spaces by Tampa Doors US Door & More Inc

All in all I’d say that the front door makeover was a success. We want to know what you think of the before and after? What do you think of the colour and our hardware choice?